Monday, October 4, 2010

In the news: Monday

  One of my blog's purposes is to compile news stories that I've found particularly interesting, in the hopes that like-minded people will use my blog as an easy way to get a smorgasbord of news that they're interested in without having to check multiple sites.

  Since my interests cover such a broad range of subjects, these posts will most likely be complete clusterfucks.

  First up: Robotic heart paves way for cylon uprising.
I think the link really says it all.

  Next on the list of things I found interesting: Glasses that work for any prescription. Just imagine never having to replace your glasses because of a prescription change. We're just one step closer to an ocular utopia!

 Last but not least: Manmade event horizons give off hawking radiation. Now we know that *everything* in the universe dies; even black holes.